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Synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles for biomedical applications

Speaker: Shagun Varshney (RSS2019006, Ph.D. Student) 

Abstract: The use of nanotechnology in biomedical engineering offers several exciting possibilities. Some of them can only be imagined, while others are at various stages of testing, or actually being used today. Nanotechnology in the biomedical field involves the application of nanoparticles, currently under development, as well as longer-range research that involves them at the cellular level (sometimes referred to as nanomedicine). The use of nanotechnology in the field of science and medicine has revolutionized the way we detect and treat damage to the human body and disease in the future, and many techniques only imagined a few years ago are making remarkable progress towards becoming realities. In this presentation, a brief overview of the research work will be presented. The research work includes the synthesis of metal oxide-based nanoparticles and natural fiber-based nanomaterials. These include nanoparticles of MgO, ZnO, SiO2, and nanocellulose. These materials are superior and indispensable in many areas of human activity due to their unique size-dependent properties. In this presentation. an approach has been made to review the different synthesis techniques and strategies for nanoparticles, their characterization techniques, and their applications in the field of biology.

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