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The department offers Ph.D. programs in different disciplines with an emphasis on dissertation work. To ensure the necessary depth and breadth in the area chosen for research, students are required to do course-work and clear the qualifiers. Typically students plan their Ph.D. study based on their background and in consultation with their research adviser. Upon clearing the requirements and the acceptance of their research proposal, the student works on the thesis, and its successful defense leads to the degree.

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Research Areas

Currently department of AS doing research work in the following areas:

 - Spintronic and Magnetic Materials 
- Device fabrications (Diode/MOSFET/OFET)
- Photonic Crystals and Meta Materials
- Structural Biology
- BioMEMS and nanotechnology
- Bio-Nanotechnology
- Signal processing
- Photoacoustic imaging and tomography
- Data Science and its applications
- Commutative Algebra
- Topological Graph theory
- Number theory
- Functional Analysis
- Survival Analysis
- Algorithms & Tools Development
- Systems Modeling & Simulation
- Genomic Big Data Analytics
- Mathematical & Computational Physics
-General Relativity & Black Holes
-Theoretical High Energy Physics
- Microwave & Dielectric Materials
- Renewable Energy Sources

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