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Bioinformatics & Biomedical Engineering

Amareshshoo Amaresh Kumar Sahoo, PhD (IIT Guwahati)
Assistant Professor
Office: 5116 (CC-3); Extn: 2515; User_ID: asahoo
Nanobiotechnology, Drug delivery, Biosensors
Amit Prabhakar Amit Prabhakar , PhD (IIT Bombay)
Associate Professor
Office: 5005 (CC-3); Extn: 2516; User_ID: amit
Bio-MEMS, Microfluidics, Biosensors
Ashutosh Mishra, PhD (Old Dominion University, Norfolk)
Associate Professor
Office: 4202 (CC-2); Extn: 2197; User_ID: am
Bioelectrics, Biomechanics, Machine Learning
B S Sanjeev, PhD (IISc Bangalore)
Assistant Professor
Office: 4205 (CC-2); Extn: 2238; User_ID: sanjeev
Structural Biology, Parallel Computing, MD Simulations
Nidhi Mishra, PhD (University of Delhi)
Associate Professor
Office: 5059 (CC-3); Extn: 2540; User_ID: nidhimishra
Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry
Pritish Kumar Varadwaj, PhD (IIIT Allahabad)
Office: 4203 (CC-2); Extn: 2219; User_ID: pritish
Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Genomics, Structural Biology
Ratan K Saha, PhD (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata)
Associate Professor (HoD)
Office: 4104 (CC-2); Extn: 2198; User_ID: ratank.saha
Ultrasonic/photoacoustic imaging and tissue characterization
Sangeeta Singh, PhD (Indian Veterinary Research Institute/MJP Rohilkhand University)
Assistant Professor
Office: 5002 (CC-3); Extn: 2521; User_ID: sangeeta
Biofilms, Antimicrobials, Stem cells
Sintu1212 Sintu Kumar Samanta, PhD (IIT Kharagpur)
Assistant Professor
Office: 5216 (CC-3); Extn: 2426; User_ID: samantasintu
Multidrug resistance and post-translational modifications in mycobateria
Tapobrata Lahiri, PhD (University of Kalyani)
Professor and Dean (Academic & Research)
Office: 4208 (CC-2); Extn: 2254; User_ID: tlahiri
Machine Learning, Simulation, Optimization, Digital Signal and Image Processing, Automated diagnostics, Computational Structural Biology
Krishna Misra, PhD (University of Delhi)
Honorary Professor
Office: 4108 (CC-2); Extn: 2203; User_ID: kmisra
Biotechnology, Chemistry of Natural Products, Nucleic Acids


AB Abdullah Bin Abu Baker, PhD (IIT Kanpur)
Assistant Professor
Office: 5105 (CC-3); Extn: 2537; User_ID: abdullah
Functional Analysis
Anand Anand Kumar Tiwari, PhD (IIT Patna)
Assistant Professor
Office: 5244 (CC-3); Extn: 2538; User_ID: anand
Combinatorial Topology
saurabh Saurabh Verma, PhD (IIT Delhi)
Assistant Professor
Office: 5245 (CC-3); Extn: 2429; User_ID: saurabhverma
Fractal Geometry, Approximation Theory
savitri Savitri Joshi, PhD (CU, Rajasthan)
Assistant Professor
Office: 5015 (CC-3); Extn: 2439; User_ID: savitri.joshi
Survival Analysis, Statistical Inference
seema Seema Kushwaha, PhD (IIT Delhi)
Assistant Professor
Office: 5003 (CC-3); Extn: 2522; User_ID: seemak
Number Theory
sumit Sumit Kumar Upadhyay, PhD (MNNIT Allahabad)
Assistant Professor
Office: 5213 (CC-3); Extn: 2650; User_ID: sumitupadhyay
Commutative Algebra


akhilesh Akhilesh Tiwari, PhD (CSJM University, Kanpur; Blaise Pascal University, France)
Associate Professor
Office: 5156 (CC-3); Extn: 2244; User_ID: atiwari
Photonic band gap materials, Metamaterials, Modeling and Simulation
pramod Pramod Kumar, PhD (IIT Bombay)
Associate Professor
Office: 4316 (CC-2); Extn: 2202; User_ID: pkumar
Experimental condensed matter
Srijit Srijit Bhattacharjee, PhD (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata)
Assistant Professor
Office: 5056 (CC-3); Extn: 2541; User_ID: srijitb
Quantum Field Theory, Gravitation, Black Holes
upendrakumar Upendra Kumar, PhD (IIT BHU Varanasi)
Assistant Professor
Office: 5020 (CC-3); Extn: 2525 ; User_ID: upendrakumar
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics; Electroceramics; Renewable Energy Sources


 Prof. Ramji Lal (Honorary Professor)

Group Theory, Algebraic K-theory and Representation

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