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Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary science that analyses, understands and creates the model of life as an evolving information processing phenomenon for maximizing natural energy utilization. It uses the principles and models of Mathematics, Medical and Pharmaceutical concepts, computer programmes and tools for understanding and analyzing biological processes, human diseases and identifying new molecular targets for drug discovery. The two year M.Tech program in Information Technology with Bioinformatics specialization began in 2002.

M.Tech (Information Technology) Bioinformatics Curriculum

Semester – I
Fundamental of Computers (FCO-131M) [a]
Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA-131M) [a]
Biological Systems (BSY-131M) [b]
Advanced Algorithms and Programming Practices (AAP-113M) [b]
Introduction to Genomics and Proteomics (IGP-131M)
Biomathematics and Statistics (BMS-131M)

Semester – II
Biological Databases (BDS-231M)
Language Algorithm and Tools (LAT-231M)
Elective 1: Computer Aided Drug Design (CAD-231ME)
Elective 2: Molecular Structure Prediction and Visualization (MSP-231ME)
Elective 3: Data Mining in Biological Systems (DMB-231ME)

Semester – III
Elective 1: Systems Biology (SYB-331ME)
Elective 2: Cheminformatics (CIF-331ME)
Elective 3: Machine Learning for Biological Systems (MLB-331ME)
Elective 4: Parallel Computing (PAC-331ME)
Mini Project

Semester – IV
Semester Project [c]

[$] Semesters I-VI for Int MTech (BI) will be same as with other Int MTech (IT) courses and then merge with Sem-I of MTech BI
[a] For non-IT/CS students only
[b] For non-Life Sciences and Int MTech (BI) students only
[c] Research project begins for Int PhD (BI)

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