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Current sponsored projects 

Dr. Amaresh Kumar Sahoo received a grant from the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, New Delhi for a project entitled “Study the Yearly Diversity of the Aquatic Bacterial Communities in the Sangam-Allahabad.


Previous sponsored projects 

Project Entitled “Analysis of the neuroprotective properties of natural compounds and their derivatives/prodrugs in experimental models of Parkinson disease with potential therapeutic applications”, DBT sanction order No. BT/PR4908/MED/30/745/2012/dated 2.6.2014.

Project Entitled “Topological materials and Applications: Majorana fermions in topological insulator” Under DST (FAST track Young Scientists), 2014-2017.

Project Entitled “Spintronic material and its applications” under DST, 2014-2017.

Project Entitled “Development of new methods and algorithms for pathophysiological characterization of coronary blockade by processing ECG and similar quasiperiodic biomedical signals and biomedical images”, – Running under the guidance of Dr. Tapobrata Lahiri and recently approved by ILTP of cooperation between DST,India and RFBR, Russia.

Project Entitled Implementation of ILTP project entitled “Development of New Method and algorithms to identify Exon-Intron boundary and finding signatory signal pattern for genetics abnormalities like autism”.
Principal Investigator : Dr. Pritish Kumar Varadwaj.

Project Entitled “Development of transgenic Wheat plant against Cereal Cyst nematode (Heterodera Aveane) and Sunnpest (Eurygaster intergrices puton) by using Bioinformatics and Genetic Engineering approaches”. Principle Coordinators – Dr. C.V.S. Siva Prasad, IIIT, Allahababad and Prof. Alex K. Gaponenko, Koltzov Institute of Developmental Biology, RAS, Moscow.

Project Entitled “Application of EMF for evaluation of health of vital organs” – Running under the guidance of Dr. Tapobrata Lahiri, funded by ILTP of cooperation between India and Russia, DST, Govt. of India.

Project Entitled “Development of a Fractal and Soft Computing simulation based methodology to predict protein surface-roughness-map to help pharmaceutical designing of best possible small binding molecules”. A drug design approach – Running under the guidance of Dr. Tapobrata Lahiri, funded by Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), Govt. of India.

Project Entitled “Development of a Computer-aided Microscopic Tool for Structural Derivation of Pathologically Significant Proteins”.– Running under the guidance of Dr. Tapobrata Lahiri, funded by ICMR.

Project Entitled “Application of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Computational and Traditional Methods for Designing and Development of some Herbal and Synthetic Drugs” Under the guidance of Prof. Krishna Mishra, Professor, IIITA.