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Placement Record for Batch 2015-17 Placement Record

Conference & Workshop
(WBSB - 2016)
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  • R Kumar, BK Mishra, T Lahiri, G Kumar, N Kumar, R Gupta, MK Pal (2016). “PCV: An Alignment Free Method for Finding Homologous Nucleotide Sequences and its Application in Phylogenetic Study”, Interdiscip Sci Comput Life Sci (Springer), doi:10.1007/s12539-015-0136-5
  • S. Guttula (2014), Frequency Estimation of Prothrombin Allelic Polymorphisms in Indian Population”, Asian Journal of Medical Sciences, 6(5):50{55.
  • Y. Singh, S. Guttula, R. Tripathi, and S. Patel (2015), A Review on Epidermal Manifestation of Pappiloma Virus Infection in Human”, International Journal of PharmaSciences and Research, 6(2):312-317.
  • A. Choudhary, S. Guttula, and R. Tripathi (2015), Antioxidant Therapies to Oxidative Stress Related Neurotrophins Involved in Alzheimers Disease”, International Journal of Computational Bioinformatics and In Silico Modeling, accepted for publication.
  • Raavi, A. Gupta, D. Badal, and S. Singh (2015). In Silico Potential Drug Target Identification for Pseudomonas aeruginosa Bio_lm. Proceedings of the 9th INDIACom; INDIACom-2015; IEEE Conference ID: 35071 2015 2nd International Conference on Computing for Sustainable Global Development. ISSN 0973-7529; ISBN 978-93-80544-14-4.
  • P. Kumar and R. Kumar (2015), \Magnetocaloric Effect in Gd3Ir Compound”, Physica Status Solidi B: Basic Solid State Physics (Submitted).
  • R. Kumar, P. Kumar, and S. Chand (2015), \Designing of Fullerene Pillared Metal Met-alloporphyrin Frameworks”, J. Mat. Des. (Submitted).
  • R. Kumar, P. Kumar, S. Naqvi, N. Gupta, N. Saxena, and S. Chand (2015), \Bulk Synthesis of Highly Conducting Graphene Oxide with Long Range Ordering”, RSC Advances (Submitted).
  • R. Kumar, P. Kumar, S. Naqvi, N. Gupta, N. Saxena, J. Gaur, J. K. Maurya, and S. Chand (2014), \Stable Graphite Exfoliation by Fullerene Interaction via Aqueous Route”, New J. Chem., 38:4922{4930.
  • P. Kumar, R. Kumar, S. Pandey, K. G. Suresh, and A. K. Nigam (2014), \Crystal Structure and Negative Magnetization in Sm2Al and Sm1.988Gd0.012Al”, Physica B, 448:6{8.
  • V. O. Garlea, L. D. Sanjeewa, M. A. McGuire, P. Kumar, D. Sulejmanovic, J. He, and S. J. Hwu (2014), \Complex Magnetic Behavior of Sawtooth Fe Chains in Rb2Fe2O(AsO4)”, Phy. Rev. B, 89:014426.
  • B. Qian, J. Lee, J. Hu, G. C. Wang, P. Kumar, M. H. Fang, T. J. Liu, H. Pham, L. Spinu, X. S. Wu, M. Green, S. H. Lee, and Z. Q. Mao, (2012) \Ferromagnetism in CuFeSb: Evidence of Competing Magnetic Interactions in Iron-based Superconductors”, Phy. Rev. B 85:144427.
  • C. Shekhar, A. Srivastava, P. Kumar, P. Srivastava, and O. N. Srivastava (2012), \Upper Critical Fields, Critical Current Density and Thermally Activated Flux in CaFFe0.9Co0.1As Superconductor”, Super. Sci. and Tech., 25:045004.
  • K. Deep, K. P. Singh, M. L. Kansal, and C. Mohan (2009), \A Real Coded genetic Algorithm for Solving Integer and Mixed Integer Optimization Problems”, Applied Mathematics and Computation, 212(2):505{518.
  • K. Deep, K. P. Singh, M. L. Kansal, and C. Mohan (2009), \Management of Multipurpose Multireservoir Using Fuzzy Interactive Method”, Water resources management, 23(14):2987{3003.
  • K. Deep, K. P. Singh, M. L. Kansal, and C. Mohan (2011), \An Interactive Method Using Genetic Algorithm for Multi-objective Optimization Problems Modeled in Fuzzy Environment”, Expert Systems with Applications, 38(3):1659{1667.
  • K. Deep, M. L. Kansal, and K. P. Singh (2007), \Ranking of Alternatives in Fuzzy Environment Using Integral Value”, Journal of Mathematics, Statistics and Allied Fields, 1(2).
  • K. Deep, K. P. Singh, and M. L. Kansal (2011), \Genetic Algorithm Based FuzzyWeighted Average for Multi-criteria Decision Making Problems”, OPSEARCH, 48(2):96{108.
  • K. Deep, K. P. Singh, M. L. Kansal, and C. Mohan (2009), \A Fuzzy Interactive Approach for Optimal Portfolio Management”, Opsearch, 46(1):69{88.
  • K. P. Singh, M. L. Kansal, and K. Deep (2014), \GA-NR for Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks”, International Journal of Operational Research, 20(3):241{261.
  • K. P. Singh, K. Deep, and M. L. Kansal (2014), “Fuzzy-based Interactive Method for Aolution of Bi-and-multi-level Programming Problems”, International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences, 6(2):166{181.
  • N. K. Tomar, N. Sukavanam, and K. P. Singh (2011), \Hybridization of Neural Nets and Genetic Algorithms to Compute the Boundary Control for Controlled Heat Equation”, European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 4(2):117{128.
  • A. Tiwari, J. P. Fontaine, A. Kondjoyan, J. B. Gros, C. Vial, and C. G. Dussap (2014), Investigation of Interfacial Phenomena during Condensation of Humid Air on a Horizontal Substrate”, Oil & Gas Science and Technology Rev. IFP Energies nouvelles,69(3):445{456.
  • A. Tiwari, J. P. Fontaine, and A. Kondjoyan (2012), \Characterization of Simultaneous Seat and Mass Transfer Phenomena for Water Vapour Condensation on a Solid Surface in an Abiotic Environment – Application to Bioprocesses”, Journal of Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 167:1132-1143.
  • A. Tiwari, J. P. Fontaine, A. Kondjoyan, J. B. Gros, C. Vial, and C. G. Dussap (2012), Investigation of Interfacial Phenomena During Condensation of Humid Air on Horizontal Substrate”, International Conference on Colloids and Complex Fluids: Challenges and Opportunities – COLLOIDS 2012, 17-19 October 2012, IFPEN/Rueil-Malmaison, Paris, France.
  • S. Triparti, A. Prabhakar, N. Kumar, S. G. Singh, and A. Agrawal (2013), An Inves- tigation of Blood Plasma Separation in Elevated Dimension T-shaped Microchannels”, Biomed Microdevices, DOI:10.1007/s10544-013-9738-z.
  • N. Kumar, A. Prabhakar, M. Tikekar, S. G. Singh, and A. Agrawal (2014), Blood Flow in Non-circular Microchannel under Pulsating Condition”, Journal of Micro-Nano Scale Transport, 4(1):33{50.
  • A. Prabhakar, Y. V. B. V. Kumar, S. Tripathi, and A. Agrawal (2014), A Novel, Compact and Efficient Microchannel Arrangement with Multiple Hydrodynamic Effects for Blood Plasma Separation”, Microuidics and Nanouidics, DOI: 10.1007/s10404-014-1488-6.
  • S. Tripathi, Y. V. B. V. Kumar, A. Prabhakar, S. Joshi, and A. Agrawal (2015), Performance Study of Microuidic Device for Blood Plasma Separation – A Designers Perspective”, J. Micromech. Microeng., accepted for publication.
  • A. Prabhakar and S. Mukherji, \Embedded Duel Bend – Serpentine / Spiral Waveguides for an Efficient Evanescent Wave Absorption Based On-Chip Bio/Chemical Sensing Applications”, Biomedical Microdevices (submitted).
  • S. Tripathi, Y. V. B. V. Kumar, A. Prabhakar, S. Joshi, and A. Agrawal, Blood Plasma Separation in Passive/Fluidic Microdevices – A Conceptual Review”, J. Micromech. Microeng (submitted).
  • N. Mishra, P. Arora, B. Kumar, L. C. Mishra, A. Bhattacharya, S. K. Awasthi, and V. K. Bhasin (2012), \Synthesis of Novel Substituted 1,3-diaryl Propenone Derivatives and their Antimalarial Activity in Vitro”, European J Med Chem, 43(7):1530{1535.
  • N. Mishra, K. K. Chaudhary, and S. K. Awasthi (2015), \Pyrrolidinyl Group as Charge Donor for the Excited State Intramolecular Chargetransferin 3-(4-methoxyphenyl)-1-(4-(pyrrolidin-1-yl) phenyl) Prop-2-en-1-one”, J of applied sol chem & mod, 4:72-82.

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