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Placement Record for Batch 2015-17 Placement Record

Conference & Workshop
(WBSB - 2016)
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Prof. Krishna Misra

  • Area of research: Biotechnology, Chemistry of Natural Products, Nucleic Acids (Synthesis, Tagging and Therapeutic Applications)
Dr. Tapobrata Lahiri

  • Area of research: Structural Proteomics and Medical Informatics, Application of Systems Biology Technique, Biophysical and Biochemical Techniques [Details]
Dr. BS Sanjeev

  • Area of research: Structural Biology, Parallel Computing, MD Simulations
Dr. Pritish Varadwaj

  • Area of research: Computer Aided Drug Designing and Delivery, Molecular Structure, Prediction and Visualisation, Cheminformatics and Molecular Modeling [Details]
Dr. Sanjai Singh

  • Area of research: Physical properties of Nano Dimensional Systems and Quantum Computing
Dr. Krishna Pratap Singh

  • Area of research: Optimization Techniques, Computational Intelligence, Machine Learning, Statistical Analyasis [Details]
Dr. Akhilesh Tiwari

  • Area of research: Photonic Crystals, Photonic band gap materials, Left handed materials, Heat and mass transfer (specific to space and biotechnologcal applications), Space environmental modeling
pramod Dr. Pramod Kumar

  • Area of research: Magnetocaloric effect, Shape-memory alloy, Negative magnetization, Spin wave dynamics, Strongly correlated electron systems, Hall and quantum Hall effect, Graphene (preparation and device fabrication) [Details]
Dr. Ashutosh Mishra

  • Area of research: Bioelectrics, Biomechanics, Learning Machines, Distributed Computation and Modeling/Simulation, Biomedical Signals and Processing
Amit Prabhakar Dr. Amit Prabhakar

  • Area of research: Clinical diagnostics using various detection based Lab on Chip and nano-fabricated devices, Bio-MEMS
Dr. Sangeeta Singh

  • Area of research: Biofilms, their applications in Bioremediation, Wastewater Treatment Systems, Catalytic Biofilms for Future Bio-processes, Novel protein identification, utility of proteins in disease diagnosis, molecular detection and characterization of pathogens
Dr. Nidhi Mishra

  • Area of research: Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Vani Photo Dr. Satyavani Guttula

  • Area of research: Computational Genomics and Proteomics, Microarrays, in silico Drug Design, Next Generation Sequencing, Copy number variation detection in cancer
AB Dr. Abdullah Bib Abu Baker

  • Area of research: Geometry of Banach Spaces [Details]
Dr. Ratan K Saha

  • Area of Research: Ultrasonic imaging and tissue characterization, photoacoustic imaging and tissue characterization [Details]
sumit Dr. Sumit Kumar Upadhyay

  • Area of Research: Commutative Algebra
Amareshshoo Dr. Amaresh Kumar Sahoo

  • Area of Research: Nanobiotechnology, Drug delivery, Biosensors, Antibacterial study
Sintu1212 Dr. Sintu Kumar Samanta

    • Area of Research: Multidrug resistance and post-translational modifications in mycobateria [Details]
Srijit Dr. Srijit Bhattacharjee

  • Area of Research: Quantum Field Theory, Gravitation, Black Holes, Cosmology
Anand Dr. Anand Kumar Tiwari

  • Area of Research: Combinatorial Topology [Details]



Dr. Ayon Ganguly

  • Area of research: Reliability and Survival Analysis
deepak Dr. Deepak Joshi

  • Area of Research: Neuromechanics, Biomedical Instrumentation and Signal Processing, Prosthetic Engineering

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