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Indo-Russian Centre for Biotechnology (IRCB) Lab


Under the umbrella of Indo-Russian Integrated Long Term Programme (ILTP) in Science & Technology, several joint R & D projects are being implemented. Russian institutions have been offering technologies for commercialisation in India. Similarly, Indian side has been offering technologies developed in India for validation and commercialisation in Russia. Technology transfer activities in engineering materials, electronics, laser science and technology, catalysis, space science and technology has been significant. Biotechnology over the years has emerged as a frontline area of mutual interest and benefit amongst the two countries. While deliberating on these issues, the sub-working group on biotechnology in its meeting held on 8th December, 1999 endorsed the view of the ILTP joint council that there is a need to establish a joint Indo-Russian centre for biotechnology (IRCB) as centres of excellence with a clear objective on networking and co-ordinating various activities under Indo-Russian collaboration in biotechnology. The agreement for establishment of this centre was formally concluded on 5th November 2001 in Moscow during the visit of the Indian Prime Minister to Russia between the Department of Science & Technology on the Indian side and the Russian Academy of Sciences on the Russian side. The centre was inaugurated by Prof. MM Joshi at Allahabad on 23rd December 2001. Since then the established lab is being associated tightly with the research and teaching conducted at the Institute in areas related to Biotechonology and Bioinformatics.

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