Department of Applied Sciences (DAS) is an integral component of IIIT Allahabad’s academic ecosystem. The DAS contributes two master programmes, viz., Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering (BME). These program offers courses for students aspiring undergraduate and post graduate courses and PhD programme in Computational Biology and Biomedical Engineering. The DAS also contributes to various core courses running in all other Departments.

The DAS has pool of faculty from various discipline to give it an extra interdisciplinary edge. It caters to various courses related to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biomedical Engineering and Bioinformatics. Significant contribution, however, is towards the MTech IT (Bioinformatics), MTech (Biomedical Engineering) and 5-year M.Tech programmes of BME. The DAS has well equipped laboratories and facilities that enable faculty and students to employ fundamental principles to create innovative new technologies.

It is a matter of great satisfaction that in three academic rankings published recently, IIIT Allahabad has 16th rank in India. Then came the India Today ranking, where the Institute was ranked 25th in the list of India’s top engineering institutes. Most recent is the Outlook ranking which places us at the 17th position among India’s Top 75 Engineering Colleges.

The Department of Applied Sciences strives to excel with vision

1. to conquer the limits of nature by revealing inherent properties of versatile materials like protein, DNA, RNA and paving path to the awaiting Bioinformatics breakthrough.
2. to develop and implement algorithms and tools to, use, manage and study various biological information.
3. to provide leadership by maintaining standards in practise, research, teaching, and commercial application in Bioinformatics.
4. to device a framework to foster and facilitate overall advancements in Bioinformatics.
5. to lead research in leading technologies to serve mankind in general.